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Multi-platinum recording artist from South Africa, Nianell, shares her journey from the shy little girl growing up in Namibia to the wife, mother and amazing entertainment she is today, in her book,  Knowing Who I Am: Love Yourself and Make a Difference (Hay House, November 2012), while encouraging and inspiring the reader to strive for self-discovery and learning to love themselves.  The book also includes a special bonus CD with some of Nianell’s inspirational hits.
Here is the synopsis of Nianell’s Knowing Who I Am: Love Yourself and Make a Difference from the back cover:

Wherever she goes the popular South African recording artist and celebrity Nianell offers this important, inspiring message: Every one of us should love ourselves. When we learn how to love ourselves unconditionally, we will be able to experience life worth living and also inspire and touch the people around us. Then we not only make a difference in our own lives, but also in the lives of others.

In her first book, Knowing Who I Am, Nianell tells how she has learned to love herself. She takes the reader on a journey through her life, from being a shy, withdrawn schoolgirl to becoming the acclaimed singer/songwriter she is today. Like most people, Nianell has had to face challenges, and she offers an honest and unpretentious account of her personal experience of suffering, the struggle to belong, love, womanhood, being a mother of triplets, and being a star. Her personal stories, many shared with the public for the first time, illustrate how she discovered who she really is and how she came to the point of accepting herself and her worth.

Nianell’s descriptions of her experienced will touch your heart, inspire you, and help you realize the value of accepting and loving yourself as you are.
Knowing Who I Am is an enjoyable combination of biography and inspiration.  It is a reading and growing experience that will remain with you long after you have finished the book.

The book comes with a special bonus CD containing some of Nianell’s most inspiring songs.

Nianell is a gifted singer, a talented musician and songwriter, an author, a stirring keynote speaker.  A multiplatinum seller, she is often referred to as South Africa’s version of Celine Dion, and has established herself as one of that country’s most inspirational artists. Nianell’s music is a combination of folk, pop, country, and classical, ensuring that there is something for everybody in her diverse range of melodies–and she exudes the very love and inspiration she sings about. 

Knowing Who I Am is not just another celebrity book boosting their ego. Nianell writes as if she is having a conversation with you and is amazingly humble and human–if you know what I mean. Her message is inspirational. Her music is beautiful and so emotional.

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