New Consciousness Review

Reviewed by Miriam Knight    October 15, 2012

An engaging memoir graced by the poetic and inspirational lyrics of the songs of an iconic South African recording artist. Nianell sings and writes straight from the heart. The book is a wonderful mix of personal memoir interleaved with poems, quotes, stories of other people from a rich mix of ages and backgrounds. It comes with a CD of her top inspirational hits.

Success was not handed to her on a silver platter. She had to overcome the same self-doubt, challenges and personal suffering that all of us have experienced at some level or another. Nianell realized that the secret was having a strong and unquenchable vision of who we are. By applying the same focus and determination to her challenges as she does to her art, she developed success strategies on everything from exercise, nutrition and how she goes about juggling her responsibilities as the mother of triplets with the demands of super-stardom.

It is full of moving inspirational stories that we can all relate to, and Nianell’s music is a delightful bonus.

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