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The multi-award winning and talented singer-songwriter Nianell has just released her seventh album ‘Just Be’. As usual, the popular singer shifts boundaries with her brilliant compositions, passionate interpretations and inspirational lyrics.

Just Be features15 songs; eleven of which are new, original compositions. The album also features four well-known favourites which include Karen Carpenter’s  We’ve Only Just Begun, Lionel Ritchie’s moving ballad Hello, the duo Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence as well as Cat Steven’s Morning Has Broken. Nianell specifically chose these four songs, because she grew up with them and they all have special meaning to her.  She manages to give each of these classics her own interpretation.

With Just Be, Nianell comes full circle – she returns to her roots and the style of her first two albums, Who Painted the Moon? and the double SAMA-award winning Angel Tongue.

The number seven is a significant spiritual number in Nianell’s life. “The number seven is prevalent in cycles of my life. I am 42 years old (6 x 7) and this is my seventh album. My triplets Kaeley, Jade and Tayden celebrated their seventh birthday on 30 July 2014. The new cycle also indicates changes and new challenges in my life,” she explains.

She describes herself as “a channel” for music to flow through – towards the listener. “I always give myself approximately two years to write music for a new album and trust that the growth and experiences of that specific time will be captured in the music.” Healing flows strongly through sound and melody whilst her lyrics gently lead listeners to a place of inner peace.

The overarching theme on Just Be and in Nianell’s own life is unconditional love. She believes that unconditional love is the core of every being and that the purpose of our life is to become this love.  With my previous albums, I shared my heart, but with Just Be, I open my soul – I think this is my most honest album to date,” she says.

Nianell pulled the elite of our music industry in to work on this album – Gideon Botes and Mauritz Lotz produced and arranged along with a talented team to create an album of international quality.

Just Be is a soulful and inspirational album that will appeal to a wide audience. The exceptionally talented Nianell is ready to take listeners on a brand new, spiritual journey to explore and discover brand new horizons…


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