KNOWING WHO I AM Describes A Challenging Life Journey and Reveals the Story Behind the Lyrics Nianell is a multi-platinum recording artist who has performed with such world-renowned singers as Andrea Bocelli, Christina Aguilera, Diana Ross, and Shakira. She is now bringing her can-do philosophy and powerful singing style to American audiences in her inspiring new book and CD combination, KNOWING WHO I AM: Love Yourself and Make a Difference (Hay House, November 2012). Nianell shares her journey from painfully shy girl growing up in Namibia to wife, mother, and successful South African entertainer whose mesmerizing performances cement her connection with her audiences. At the heart of her book and music is the message that we all need to learn to love ourselves. Now, she has dedicated her life to motivating and inspiring others, and her new book and CD is a powerful part of that mission.

KNOWING WHO I AM includes the poetic and enlightening lyrics of her songs, and reveals how they were shaped by her life experiences. Among her many insights are:

On choices: “Life is all about choices and we need to make those choices fearlessly. Whatever we choose will take us in a certain direction and we can change that direction whenever we like. In the end, the path we choose does not matter because there are amazing lessons and experiences on every chosen path.”

On “body bonding”: “Our bodies need three things to assist us properly on our journey: nourishment, exercise and unconditional love. If we can love and accept our bodies unconditionally, give them the nutrition they need, and stay active, they will be able to help us enjoy our lives to the fullest.”

On relationships: “We are all soundboards for each other and play a vital part in each otherʼs growth and learning process. Things that frustrate, irritate or annoy us about other people are usually the things we are guilty of ourselves. Others merely reflect what is within us, which is why we notice them in the first place.”

On energy: “If you love what you do and youʼre passionate about life, life will provide you with the energy you need.”

On communication: “Itʼs easy to talk about what we know and what is going on in our lives…but talking about ourselves doesnʼt help us connect with others. Connecting takes effort. We have to take the time to discover what is going on in that personʼs life; what they are thinking and what theyʼve experienced.”

In KNOWING WHO I AM, Nianell explains that as a child all she wanted to do was make music but her passion and talents were not recognized. Although she doubted herself and her abilities, she persevered into adulthood, performing in pubs, restaurants, and hotels, once even pawning all of her jewelry and still not being able to make her rent. The turning point came when she realized that she was already a success story. “The truth is that success is, simply, doing what you love. The minute I felt more successful, more success came my way,” she explains.

Nianell also shares with readers the rise of her performing career, her becoming a mother to triplet daughters, and her revelations and realizations about life, love, success, relationships, and physical and mental health. In addition to many candid stories – from revealing she was a loner growing up and did not have a close friend until she was twenty five, to the hard choice of refusing to surrender to a record production company – KNOWING WHO I AM also presents hands-on ideas for improving oneʼs life. These include Nianellʼs “guide to loving myself unconditionally” (which she first wrote in a letter to her father); her tips for nourishing her body
(“I drink my vegetables and eat my fruit”); and her strategies for “mind maintenance” (Keep your mind off yourself. Be creative. Walk it off.).
“We cannot love or care for anyone else if we do not love and care for ourselves first,” explains Nianell. Written with her trademark warmth and honesty, KNOWING WHO I AM will inspire readers to find love for themselves, and transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

NIANELL is a gifted singer with an impressive four octave vocal range, a talented musician and songwriter, and a stirring keynote speaker. Four of her albums have achieved platinum status, and she also achieved gold status with another four albums, establishing her as one of South Africaʼs top-selling artists. Nianellʼs music is a combination of folk, pop, country, and classical, ensuring that there is something for everybody in her diverse range of melodies – and she exudes the very love and inspiration she sings about. She is a winner of the 2012 South Africaʼs Most Influential Women in Business and Government Award.

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