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By Irene Conlan –

Knowing Who I Am is Nianell’s story and, while she is a world renowned performer now, she had the same struggles getting there that all of us have reaching our goals and realizing our dreams. She tells her story in a refreshingly honest way that lets you see who she is as a woman and not just as a performer. This is not a story about a famous lady who had everything handed to her but one who worked hard and struggled along the way. Not only is it a delightful read, it comes with a CD with sixteen absolutely beautiful songs. I have started playing her music in the background while I work because each song has its own special beauty, uplifting and inspiring.

From telling us how she just sat and cried with her husband when they were overwhelmed in trying to take care of their newborn triplets (can’t we all identify with that – even if we only had to adjust to caring for one tiny baby?) to her chapter on Love, the book is honest, refreshing, delightful and different.  You will fall in love with her and, when you finish it, you know you have a friend on the other side of the world. She says in the beginning that she likes hugs and by the time you come to the end you truly want to hug her back.

She talks about learning to know yourself and states, “I think the purpose of life is to remember who we are in everything we do and experience, and to enjoy every moment—it’s that simple.” She shares with the reader how she arrived at some of her insights and the changes they brought about in her life.

My favorite feature of Knowing Who I Am are her stories of how she came to write each song she includes on the accompanying CD. She includes the lyrics and sometimes tells how the song “caught on.” It makes each song so special and lets you get a glimpse of beauty in the process of being created.

This book can be enjoyed by everyone and will make a perfect gift for anyone who likes good biography and enjoys beautiful music. This book would be perfect under anyone’s Christmas tree or on their birthday table. Perhaps you can start by gifting yourself with this treasure of a book and CD.

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